Hackathon: Let’s Create a Trust Machine!

Blockchain Hackathon: Let’s Create a Trust Machine!
Time: November 29, 2016 between 10.00 -20.00
Place: Kaufmann Agency, Tehtaankatu 27-29 A
Drink and Food Available

Please join us for a Blockchain Hackathon working on the next big idea – the reconfiguration of trust. Participants are invited to work on different challenges that are related to the changing role of trust in business and society. How would you hack trust? If third parties are not anymore necessary to ensure trust, what opportunities does that give us? If trust could be taken for granted (or automated), what would processes look like? What if bureaucracy did not exist? What if different parties worked flawlessly together? How can social and other contracts be changed with blockchain? The solutions could be in the areas of identity/reputation, finance, health care, regulatory/legal, governance, sustainability, user interface, and prediction, but could also be something completely different.

On what basis do you trust others? Come create your personal trust machine, and bring your own ideas along!

There are tools to play with, such as cardboard and legos, and we will also explore different platforms, which could be used for coding. Suggestions welcome.

Feel free to bring along a few friends and colleagues. Awards and surprise prizes for best solutions.

Please RSVP to blockchain.janne@gmail.com with the names of the people coming. You may also contact liisa.valikangas@aalto.fi with questions or suggestions.

More info on a related research project: recon.site

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